Current Agenda and Supporting Docs

May 21, 2018
8:00 A.M.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Approve minutes of regular meeting on May 7, 2018 and recessed meeting on May 7 and May 9, 2018.
  4. Approve claims docket.

New Business

  1. Consent Agenda:


  1. Approve President to sign engagement letter with Watkins, Ward and Stafford to perform audit for the Reserve and Trust Fund. (Lisa Carwyle)
  2. Approve correction of minutes from March 19, 2017, the Board approved State Aid project number SAP-36(31)S and it should read 36(19)S. (Sherry Wall)
  3. Spread on the minutes payment to Circuit Clerk for refunded overpayment of PERS contributions in the amount of $1,081.57. (Lisa Carwyle)
  4. Approve deletion of inventory number 260216 and 260220 from Sheriff Department inventory. (Lisa Carwyle)
  5. Approve deletion of three pumper trucks from the Fire Department inventory. (Lisa Carwyle)
  6. Spread on the minutes the retirement of Scott Mills and authorize purchase of service weapon upon retirement. (Sheriff East)
  7. Approve Carrie Traylor to sign requisitions for the Sheriff’s office. (Sheriff East)
  8. Approve solid waste write offs for March and April. (Jody Harrison)
  9. Approve receipt of $14,861.00 Solid Waste Assistance Grant. (Jody Harrison)
  10. Approve advertisement for annual bids of materials and supplies for the County. (Lisa Carwyle)


  1. Adopt resolution honoring Whitney Drewrey as Mississippi Outstanding Teacher of the Year.
  2. Approve Supplemental Agreement No. 2 for West Oxford Loop project. (Larry Britt)
  3. Approve Change Order No. 3 for West Oxford Loop project. (Larry Britt)
  4. Request of a temporary construction easement to the City to pour sidewalk and relocate light fixture for the widening of Jefferson Avenue. (Reanna Mayoral)
  5. Public hearing for Conditional Use, 409 Rentals, Phase II, 6th (Joel Hollowell)
  6. Consideration of Planning Commission approval for Conditional Use Permit on the 6th duplex for 409 Rentals, Phase II. (Joel Hollowell)
  7. Consider approval of preliminary and final site plan for 409 Rentals, Phase II. (Joel Hollowell)
  8. Consider request from The Inn at Ole Miss’s request for qualified resort status. (Winston Collier and Chandler Rogers)
  9. Opioid Litigation Presentation. (Chandler Rogers)
  10. Public hearing on modification of Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Plan in regard to expanding the service area of the North MS Recycling Solutions Facility.
  11. Consider executive session.
  12. Recess/Adjourn