Current Agenda and Supporting Docs


February 5, 2018

5:00 P.M.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Approve minutes of regular meeting on January 16 and 18, 2018.
  4. Approve claims docket.

New Business

  1. Consent Agenda:
    1. Approve Emergency Management Coordinator to attend Patriot South Exercise at the State Emergency Operations Center on February 13, 2018 – February 14, 2018. (Lisa Carwyle)
    2. Spread on the minutes the appointment of Jury Commissioner. (Baretta Mosley)
    3. Approve Acklen & Story, PLLC to prepare the FY 2017 Financial Statements. (Lisa Carwyle)
    4. Approve Butler Snow for Continuing Disclosure required for Bond issue. (Lisa Carwyle)
    5. Approve budget amendments. (Lisa Carwyle)
    6. Spread on the minutes payment to Chancery Clerk in the amount of $120.00 for attendance at meetings. (Sherry Wall)
    7. Spread on the minutes the order appointing public defender for Lafayette County. (Lisa Carwyle)
    8. Accept progress report from the Early Childhood and Reading Development Partnerships. (Suzanne Ryals)
    9. Approve refund to tax sale bidder for erroneous tax sale, PPIN 22004. (Sylvia Baker)
  2. Accept FY 2016 Audit report from Fortenberry & Ballard PC. (David Engel)
  3. Comments from Slaughter & Associates. (Mike Slaughter)
  4. Authorize County attorney to draft request for Local Private Legislation authorizing donation to Interfaith Compassion Ministry Homeless Shelter Program.
  5. Authorize County attorney to draft request for Local Private Legislation allowing County contributions to Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation.
  6. Consider approval of Interlocal agreement with the City regarding the Activity Center. (David O’Donnell)
  7. Consider adoption of resolution supporting the Economic Development Opportunity Partnership (EDOP) Act.
  8. Accept low bid for knuckleboom truck.(Jody Harrison)
  9. Accept low bid for automated refuse truck. (Jody Harrison)
  10. Consider request for speed bumps in Yocona Ridge Subdivision. (Joe Bynum)
  11. Consider Planning Commission recommendation of Final Subdivision Plat approval for Briarwood Subdivision. (Larry Britt)
  12. Consider Planning Commission recommendation of final plat approval for Wellington Place Phase I. (Larry Britt)
  13. Consider Planning Commission recommendation of final subdivision plat approval for Taylor Greene Phase VII. (Larry Britt)
  14. Consider request for County to take over maintenance of roads in Stonebridge. (Larry Britt)
  15. Consider executive session.
  16. Adjourn/Recess.