Anne Klingen

Anne M. Klingen grew up in Lafayette County and graduated from Oxford High School. Her parents, Maura and Ted Klingen were instructors at the University of Mississippi. She completed her undergraduate and law degrees at UM and has worked at the university for 26 years.

Throughout my career I have successfully managed teams and projects and brought together individuals with many differing opinions and worked to ensure that everyone’s voices were heard and considered had input on achieving our common goals.

Lafayette County residents are fortunate.  We have a great location, institutions, businesses, culture, and the amenities associated with a college town, and the charm of a welcoming community.  These qualities make our county an attractive place to visit, retire, own a weekend home, or start a business. Yet the demands of growth need to be developed in a way that benefits our families, community resources, and rural areas as well as ensuring an easy path for entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses, which will grow our economy. We need creative thinkers who will recognize that the issues facing Lafayette are not individual problems but are all interconnected.

One of the best ways to achieve this is for me to actively listen to your ideas and concerns. I am committed to an open dialogue between residents and county government. I believe that everyone’s voices should be part of the discussion when making crucial decisions.