Dale Timothy Gordon

My name is Dale “Timothy” Gordon, and I am a candidate for ​Lafayette County ​District 3 Supervisor.

I am a lifelong resident of Lafayette County. I was born and raised in Abbeville, where I currently reside with my wife, Mae, of 3​7 years.

I attended Lafayette High School and have three children and eight grandchildren.

I have worked at the Institute of Community Services, Inc. (ICS) and Mary Cathey Head Start Center since 1998 as a Driver/Operator. I serve as a deacon at Jeffrie Missionary Baptist Church and am active with Arthur Herod Masonic Lodge #408. 

I have lived here for many years and witnessed our communities’ challenges and opportunities. This knowledge of our District’s ​different needs has given me a​n understanding of the issues that matter most to us.

My deep roots in this community, my relevant experience, and my collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to the people of Lafayette County make me a highly qualified candidate for the role of county supervisor. With your support, I pledge to serve you with dedication and honor, striving to make our community an even better place to live, work and raise our families.

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