The Lafayette County Emergency E-911 is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all of Lafayette County; this includes the City of Oxford and The University of Mississippi. In addition to the four E-911 lines, emergency operators also answer five administrative lines, five ring-down lines and monitor/dispatch on eight different radio channels, 24-hours a day. Lafayette E-911 is directly responsible for the dispatch operations of the Lafayette Co. Sheriff’s Office, The Oxford Fire Dept., The Lafayette Co. Fire Dept., The Baptist Oxford Emergency Medical Service and the Lafayette Co. Emergency Medical Service. Caller, who require a law enforcement agency other than the Lafayette Co Sheriff’s Dept., are transferred to that agency once the initial contact information is obtained. All E-911 operations are performed by a staff of eight full – time and four part-time employees.


  • 911 is for emergencies, potential emergencies or when an emergency is imminent.
  • Times of crisis place stress on everyone, including the emergency dispatcher.
  • When requesting help to remain as calm as possible. Emergency operators can only send help based on the information you, the caller provide.
  • If you have a non-emergency situation/question/request call 662-234-8789 or 662-234-6421.

Information necessary to ensure the best possible service

  • Where is the exact location of your emergency?
  • What type of emergency do you have? Police, Fire, Ambulance
  • What is you name and call back number?
  • What are the name(s)/description of any people/vehicle(s) involved?

Contact Information

Physical Address: 711 Jackson Avenue, Oxford, MS 38655
Mailing Address: 711 Jackson Avenue, Oxford, MS 38655
Telephone: 662-234-8789
Fax 662-236-0203


Jason Busby
E-911 Supervisor
Department: E-911
Address: 711 Jackson Avenue, Oxford, MS 38655
Telephone: 662-234-8789
Fax: 662-236-0203

Email: jbusby@lafayettecoms.com

Frequently Asked Questions