Dispose of Household Chemicals

Household chemicals, paints, car batteries and tires will not be accepted during normal garbage collection. Chemical waste disposal in Lafayette County is handled every April on Hazardous Waste Collection Day. When a specific date is determined by the City of Oxford and Three Rivers Solid Waste Management, it is posted on the Lafayette County Solid Waste social media and shared with local news outlets.

If you are not able to find the exact date, please contact the Solid Waste Department.

Examples of Hazardous Materials

Aerosols All-purpose cleaners
Ammonia Antifreeze
Brake fluids Batteries
Barbecue lighter fluid Chlorine bleach
Computer/electronic waste Detergents
Disinfectants Drain opener
Engine fluids Fertilizers
Furniture polish Gasoline
Gas additives Glass cleaner
Glues Herbicides
Insecticides Moth balls
Motor oil Oven cleaner
Paints/paint thinner Pesticides
Photographic chemicals Propane cylinder tanks
Rodent poisons Silver polish
Pool chemicals Stains
Tires (25 Maximum) Toilet bowl cleaner
Turpentine TVs
Water sealant Old appliances
Florescent bulbs Metals
Old prescriptions