Get a Marriage License

You must visit the Circuit Clerk’s Office to get a marriage license. To ensure your appointment runs smoothly, please complete and bring a copy of the Marriage License Application with you. A $37 cash fee is due at the time of application.

You will be able to leave the Circuit Clerk’s Office with your marriage license in hand, but you will not be officially married until you hold a ceremony overseen by an officiant.

You will need to provide the Circuit Clerk with the following information:

  • Full names and addresses of both parties applying for marriage
  • Names and addresses of the parents of both parties applying (includes maiden name of mother)
  • Age, date of birth, and state and country of birth
  • Proof of age (e.g., driver’s license, birth certificate, school record)
  • Highest grade completed in school
  • Number of previous marriages
  • Reason previous marriage ended (e.g., death, divorce)
  • Date last marriage ended (must bring proof of divorce if within last six months)

Questions for Obtaining a Marriage License in Spanish and English

Things you need to know before applying for a marriage license

Age restrictions:

In the event a female applicant is under the age of 21, and is a resident of the State of Mississippi, the application for marriage must be made in the Circuit Clerk Office of the county of residence of the parent or legal guardian of the female applicant.

Additionally, if either applicant is under the age of 21, parental consent is needed. In the event the parent does not accompany the applicant to the Circuit Clerk office when applying, the Clerk must send a notice of filing of the application via certified mail to the parents or legal guardian.

As a matter of Mississippi Law, NO marriage license may be issued unless the male applicant is at least 17 years of age, and the female applicant is at least 15 years of age.