Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Former Chancery Clerk Sherry Wall

The Lafayette County community is mourning the loss of Sherry Wall, our beloved former chancery clerk who passed away on February 6th. Wall, known for her compassion, resolve and dedication to the community, served the chancery court for almost 20 years before retiring in December 2023.

“She was the ultimate public servant,” said Circuit Clerk Jeff Busby. “She cared for the people of Lafayette County, and she worked hard for them.”

A Lafayette County native, Wall’s commitment to county service was legendary. With a deep understanding of the county’s inner workings, Wall kept the smooth operation of the chancery court for years, making sure matters were handled effectively and residents were well supported.

“Her desire was really to be behind the scenes,” said Chancery Clerk Mike Roberts, who stepped into Wall’s shoes in January. 

“Just when you thought Sherry wasn’t involved in something, you’d find out later that she moved a lot of pieces to help folks. You’d see her in the office every day, but what you didn’t see was that a lot of the time, what she did for people was behind the scenes on her own time,” said Roberts.

Transcending the Office

Though she spent much of her time taking care of the county’s people, Wall also significantly contributed to the county’s development.

“Just about any growth that Lafayette County had, Sherry had a role in it,” said Busby.

Throughout her work as chancery clerk and as clerk to the Board of Supervisors, Wall participated in many projects that benefited the county, from the historic courthouse’s restoration to the building of new facilities on FD Buddy East Parkway.

But Wall’s impact transcends professional duties. For many years, she served as a patient, all-embracing mentor to countless public leaders, guiding them through the intricacies of the county system.

Busby first began working with Wall when he was president of the Board of Supervisors. 

“Sherry was the clerk for the Board of Supervisors, and she helped all of us achieve what we were setting out to achieve,” he said. “You could always call her, and you could always count on her in any situation.”

Lafayette County and Beyond

“Sherry’s legacy is bigger than Lafayette County,” said Roberts. “There are going to be stories that come out across the state, across this region from folks that she’s touched. Her legacy is going to continue to grow as people share their stories.”

In fact, in the wake of her passing, Roberts says the chancery clerk’s office has received calls from residents about Wall’s impact. 

“I can’t tell you how many people have called this office,” he said, “just to share a story or tell me something that Sherry had done for them in the past.”

Wall leaves behind a community that is richer for her selflessness, commitment and service. 

“She’s got a footprint well beyond this county,” Roberts said. 

Busby agreed. “She was a great community leader. Even before she became Chancery Clerk, she was a servant. She will be sorely, sorely missed.”