Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3.19.2020

To the Citizens of Lafayette County:

We wanted you to be aware that the Mississippi Department of Health has notified us of our first positive case of COVID19 in Lafayette County.  The Department Health does not release any of the personal information about the individual.  As a county, we are exercising the next level of safety protocol to protect the employees and community of Lafayette County.

Given the spread of the virus throughout our country, we knew this day would probably come.  This does not mean it is time to panic but it does mean we need, as a community, to exercise even more diligence in exercising the protocols listed on the CDC website:

Please follow these guidelines that they provide for families, businesses, churches, and communities.  The more we work together to follow these guidelines the more we will minimize and slow the spread of the virus through our community.  The directives from the President, Governor, and local government officials are aimed at not overwhelming the Healthcare Industry, protecting our First Responders, and protecting the lives and safety of our citizens.  These measures have an immediate impact on our economy but are geared to strengthen it in the future.  All levels of government are working to ensure the greatest needs of our citizens are being met.

The hospital and most of our clinics in our community are providing testing.  These tests are given based on specific categories of risk and exposure.  If you are having symptoms call your health provider to see if you meet the qualifications to receive the COVID19 test.


Steve Quarles
Emergency Management Director
Lafayette County

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