Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3.12.2020

Lafayette County recognizes the diligent effort our community is making in preparation of the
potential pandemic threat to our community. Along with the University, City of Oxford, local school
districts and Baptist Hospital, Lafayette County is preparing our government and community for the
potential effects of COVID-19.

Our greatest concern is for the life and safety of our citizens and personnel. The efforts, decisions,
and support we give will be made with public safety at the forefront. As we implement our goal, we
encourage all who are in our county to be cautious and not to panic as cases of infection get closer
to our community. We also encourage citizens to exercise the public safety steps that have been
sent out through various media outlets. Practices such as washing your hands after contact with
others, avoiding congested areas when possible, covering your cough or sneeze, and staying home
when you are sick as to not expose others to sickness, especially our elderly, are extremely

As steps are taken by the University, school districts, businesses and government agencies to
promote the safety of citizens, we recognize that sometimes these steps are a hardship on certain
individuals and even our community as a whole. We encourage patience and understanding be
granted to all during this time.

The virus itself affects individuals in a wide range of ways from very light symptoms to very severe.
Those who are most vulnerable to severe conditions are those that are older or have a pre-existing
condition that weaken their immune system. Please exercise the most strenuous of safety
precautions around these individuals.

For additional information, the Mississippi Department of Health has activated the MS COVID-19
hotline to answer questions from the general public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon- Fri. The hotline
number is 1-877-978-6453. For up-to-date info, call hotline or check the MSDH website at

Steve Quarles
Lafayette County Emergency Management Director