Lafayette County Takes Steps Towards Enhancing Public Safety in Harmontown

On September 6, Lafayette County Board of Supervisors President Mike Roberts, representing District 5, and Vice President Chad McLarty, representing District 4, presented Tina Downing with a check to acquire 1.3 acres of property in the Harmontown community for a new Lafayette County Sheriff’s department substation.

Harmontown is situated in the northwest corner of Lafayette County but is separated from Oxford by a long drive around Sardis Lake. Frequently, residents are required to travel half an hour through Marshall County for school, work, or county-related matters. Over the years, this unique geographical challenge has left Harmontown residents feeling neglected, especially during crises when they must wait for emergency services to arrive. The county’s acquisition of this property aims to bridge the isolation gap experienced by Harmontown residents.

Sheriff Joey East and the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors have been working diligently to reduce the feeling of isolation and improve emergency response times in Harmontown. Since assuming office in January 2020, Sheriff East has made it a priority to station a deputy in the community as frequently as possible.

Even the deputies stationed in Harmontown experience the same sense of isolation as the residents, as they are unable to conveniently visit the Sheriff’s office to use facilities, have lunch, complete reports, or simply take a break. Sheriff East’s vision has been to establish a substation in Harmontown, which will not only enhance public safety but also provide a comfortable space for deputies.

State Senator Nicole Boyd and State Representatives Trey Lamar and Clay Deweese played instrumental roles in securing funding earlier this year for the construction of the substation.

The chosen location for the substation, identified and acquired by the Board of Supervisors, will be less than 600 feet south of the center of Harmontown, situated on Lafayette County Road 517, ensuring quick access to all areas of the community.