Join the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day to Safely Dispose of Waste

On Saturday, May 13th, Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority will host their free
annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, where residents can drop off household
waste items not safe for everyday garbage collection.

For over 25 years, Three Rivers has organized these events to prevent hazardous waste from
filling everyday landfills while also encouraging environmental awareness in North Mississippi.
According to the Solid Waste Manager for Three Rivers Planning & Development District Doug
Wiggins, around 700 cars participate in the event annually.

“There are people that come every year,” Wiggins said. “Throughout the year, they make an
effort to set items aside for this day. They look forward to it and know they’re being
environmentally responsible.”

Wiggins described how these events are critical for keeping Mississippi clean. “Our environment
is very important,” Wiggins said. “If people throw hazardous items in the regular garbage, it can
be detrimental.”

Residents attending the event can bring: aerosols, all-purpose cleaners, ammonia, anti-freeze,
brake fluids, batteries, barbeque lighter fluids, chlorine bleach, computer/ electronic waste,
detergents, disinfectants, drain operator, engine fluids, fertilizer, furniture project, gasoline, gas
additives, glass cleaner, glues, herbicides, insecticides, moth balls, motor oil, oven cleaner,
paint thinner, pesticides, photographic chemicals, propane cylinder tank, rodent poison, silver
polish, pool chemicals, stains, tires (maximum 25), toilet bowl cleaner, turpentine, TVs, water
sealant, old appliances (such as washers, dryers, air conditioners, compressors, and water
heaters), fluorescent light bulbs, metals, and old prescriptions.

No commercial or agricultural waste will be accepted as well as helium tanks and household

Located at the Lafayette County Multipurpose Arena, Lafayette County residents can drive
through and drop off their hazardous waste items anytime from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

When residents arrive at the arena, they’ll be directed to a collection line, which will bring them
to different waste drop-off areas. Residents can stay in their car throughout the event as
volunteers pick up relevant waste items from their cars.

Wiggins asks participants in the collection line to be patient. Event volunteers will try to move
residents through as quickly as they can.

In addition to Three Rivers, the City of Oxford and the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors
are supporting and sponsoring this event.