Lloyd Oliphant
  • Lifelong resident of Oxford / Lafayette County
  • Married to Donna Busby Oliphant, four children and four grandchildren
  • Owner of Lloyd G Oliphant & Sons Paint Co., Inc., 2001-2023. Contributed over $2.5M to our local economy through payroll, local purchases, and taxes.
  • Past President Board of Supervisors. Our Board cut property taxes; partnered with the City and sold the hospital resulting in our new Baptist Hospital facility; and at the end of the term our Board left over $30M in our county reserves.
  • Six years Army National Guard / Nine years Reserve Deputy Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department
  • If elected Chancery Clerk, my promise to you is commitment, respect, availability, and confidentiality. If I may answer any questions, please feel free to reach me at 662-816-8101.

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