The Sheriff’s Department Launches Smartphone App

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department has launched a mobile app to improve real-time communication with area residents and visitors.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) App allows users to report crimes, submit tips, receive updates on area crashes and emergencies, access a database of local sex offenders and recent arrests, file complaints, give employee commendations and view the Sheriff’s Department’s latest Facebook and Twitter posts.

With only 45 deputies covering over 600 square miles, the Sheriff’s department wants citizen input to hold real weight in their decisions.

“I work for the people, and we want them to know they can be a part of the process,” said Sheriff Joey East. “Not everyone has internet access. However, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and that’s why we needed this app. There shouldn’t be a barrier to entry in being a well-informed citizen.”

The LCSD app integrates not only tools for community involvement but also resources for the everyday citizen, including a GPS locator that will help anyone lost in an unfamiliar part of the county to track exactly where they are. Under the app’s Resources section, citizens can also find information on how to prepare for emergencies.

This public outreach effort helps the Sheriff’s Department fulfill the accountability and self-improvement PACT that Sheriff East made earlier this year to be Professional, Accountable, Compassionate and Trusted with the community.

The LCSD app was built by and is available via Google Play or the Apple App Store by searching LCSD. The LCSD app should not be used to report emergencies. Please call 911 during an emergency.