County News

Get a Drainage Problem Fixed

Drainage problems are addressed on a case-by-case basis and take into account the right of way. Please contact the Road Department to report a drainage issue.

Get a Road Patched

To report a problem with a road, contact the Road Department. While maintenance is done on roads as needed, repaving is conducting in accordance with the four-year road plan. To inquire about the road plan, contact the Road Department.

Get a Road Sign Replaced

To report a road sign that is damaged or missing, please contact the Road Department.

Get Gravel or Pavement for a Driveway

Lafayette County will only provide gravel for a residential or commercial driveway if it has been declared a school bus turnaround by the Lafayette County School Board and the Board of Supervisors. Gravel will also be provided for portions of driveways that are in the right of way.

Get Trees Cut on the Right of Way

Trees in the right of way are regularly maintained by Lafayette County. To report trees that need to be cut or removed from the right of way, contact the Road Department.

Request Culvert Maintenance

If you have noticed damage or an issue with a culvert, please contact the Road Department. Culverts are maintained and replaced as needed on the right of way.